You Have Many Options When it Comes to Drought-Tolerant Landscaping in LAWater always seems to be in short supply in a drought-prone area like LA. You might think this would create a problem when it comes to maintaining a lush and beautiful landscape around your home, but it doesn’t have to. There are many species of flowers, shrubs, grasses, and trees that thrive in LA’s warm, drought-prone climate.

In addition to helping conserve water, drought-tolerant landscaping in LA can provide many benefits, such as:

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Better pest and disease resistance
  • Lower water bills
  • A more natural appearance to your property

Hundreds of Species to Choose From

Wondering what your options are? There are literally hundreds of species to choose from, including many native to California and the LA area. Here are a few of the more popular:

Ten drought-resistant flowers that do well in LA

  • Blue flax
  • California evening primrose
  • Scarlet bugler
  • Beach suncups
  • California poppy
  • Leopard lily
  • Common yarrow
  • Desert beauty
  • Douglas lilac
  • White mariposa lily

Ten drought-resistant shrubs that do well in LA

  • Bush sunflower
  • Golden currant
  • Spicebush
  • Western azalea
  • Butterfly bush
  • Chapparal currant
  • Bush poppy
  • California lilac
  • California honeysuckle
  • Apache plume

Ten drought-resistant kinds of grass that do well in LA

  • Deergrass
  • Dune sedge
  • Giant wild rye
  • purple needle grass
  • sheep fescue
  • Buffalo grass
  • California bentgrass
  • Foothill sedge
  • Reedgrass
  • Mosquito grass

Ten drought-resistant groundcover plants that do well in LA

  • Spring cinquefoil
  • Cotoneaster
  • Parry’s Nolina
  • Dymondia silver carpet
  • Seaside daisy
  • Coyote brush
  • Creeping mahonia
  • Sand strawberry
  • Wooly yarrow
  • Rockrose

Ten drought-resistant trees that do well in LA

  • California buckeye
  • California juniper
  • Desert willow
  • Black maple
  • Coast live oaks
  • Coulter pine
  • Valley oak
  • California fan palm
  • Western redbud
  • California sycamore

And of course, there are always cacti and succulents

  • Shaw agave
  • Coastal prickly pear
  • Silver chollas
  • Barrel cactus
  • Giant saguaro
  • Silver torch cactus
  • Star cactus
  • Charrapal yucca
  • Joshua tree
  • Mojave prickly pear
  • Desert agave

Conserve Water Without Sacrificing the Appearance of Your Landscaping

Water conservation is vital in California. Water needs to be saved for essential purposes. It’s irresponsible to use large volumes of water to maintain a landscape that isn’t suited for LA’s sunny, dry climate. However, you don’t have to waste water to maintain healthy and attractive landscaping on your property.

You can conserve water without sacrificing the beauty and value of your property. The LA landscaping pros at Gutierrez & Sons Landscaping are here to show you how.

With over 25 years of experience, we are familiar with LA’s warm, dry climate and can help you select the perfect plants and hardscape features to achieve the results you desire as well as provide professional installation:

  • Next-day service to suit your schedule
  • Insured and bonded
  • Knowledgeable advice
  • 100% guaranteed injury-free service

In addition to drought-resistant landscaping, we offer a number of other services, including soil and lawn installation, sprinklers and irrigation, artificial turf installation, brush and weed abatement, and much more. Contact Gutierrez & Sons Landscaping through our website or call us at (310) 324-6593 to learn more about our landscaping services.