Tree Planting

Los Angeles Tree Planting Services

Beautify Your LA Property with Professional Tree Planting Services

Tree PlantingWhat’s a beautiful Southern California property without a few choice trees? Trees not only beautify your property, but they also create lovely shade for outdoor living and can even increase your property values.

Because trees take so long to grow, they should be considered an investment. Like any investment, it needs to be taken seriously. Trust your tree planting services to the professionals at Gutierrez & Sons Landscaping. We’ll help you choose the right type of tree for your property, so you can enjoy incredible landscaping for years to come.

Choose the Right Type of Trees

There’s nothing worse than planting a tree, putting in the effort to water and fertilize, and waiting years for it to grow, only to find that it’s not suited for your specific climate or soil conditions.

Trees are an investment in the future of your property, so choosing the right type of trees to plant is essential. That’s why it’s important to work with a professional landscaping service to help you select the right type of trees suited for your unique property.

Benefits of Planting Trees on Your Property

Planting trees can add several benefits to your Los Angeles home beyond just adding a little green to your front yard. Here are some of the perks of planting trees:

  • Boost property values
  • Increase aesthetics
  • Add shade to outdoor living space
  • Good for the environment
  • Muffle noise from roads and neighbors
  • Reduce home cooling costs

As if that weren’t enough, trees have been proven to help boost your mood and help your mental health. There’s nothing more peaceful than enjoying your very own backyard oasis surrounded by large, beautiful trees.

Why Hire a Professional

Many homeowners think they can plant trees themselves. After all, how hard could it be? But what they don’t realize is the amount of expertise that goes into planting trees. Since trees are multi-year investments that can increase your property values, it’s not something to leave to chance.

Hiring a professional is like an investment guarantee. You can rest assured knowing your trees have been selected specifically for the climate and type of soil on your property and that they’ve been properly planted. You can be confident that in a few years, your property will be full of large, lush trees.

At Gutierrez & Sons Landscaping, we have over 25 years of experience working with Los Angeles homeowners, helping them select and plant the perfect trees for their properties. We offer professional landscaping services to suit your needs:

  • Premium next-day service to fit your schedule
  • Expert inspections to select the ideal trees for your property
  • Reliable communication from experienced professionals
  • Guaranteed long-term health for planted trees

Landscaping can be dangerous work, which is why Gutierrez & Sons Landscaping is fully insured and bonded to give you peace of mind. We take safety seriously and offer a 100% injury-free planting service in Los Angeles.

Trust the Tree Planting Experts at Gutierrez & Sons Landscaping

When you want to beautify your slice of LA paradise, contact the experts at Gutierrez & Sons Landscaping. We offer expert advice to help you choose the perfect types of trees to fill your property and professional planting services to ensure your investment pays off. Just sit back and watch your property values rise—under the shade of your brand-new trees.