The 6 Best Shade Trees To Plant in Los AngelesIf you’re looking for an inexpensive, environmentally friendly way to save money on your home cooling costs, here’s a suggestion: plant a shade tree.

The Benefits of Shade Trees

Shade trees provide many benefits to Los Angeles area homeowners. In addition to helping keep your home cool, shade trees:

  • Improve the appearance of your property
  • Add value to your property
  • Are good for the environment
  • Keep your yard healthy
  • Provide privacy
  • Improve air quality
  • Muffle the noise from roads and neighbors
  • Provide homes for songbirds during the nesting season.

There are hundreds of shade trees to choose from. Which is best for your yard? Here are six shade trees that do well in Los Angeles and Southern California:

West Coast Live Oak

The west coast live oak reaches a height of about 75 feet; its thick foliage provides dense shade. West coast live oaks aren’t the fastest growing shade trees (they grow at about two feet per year), but they are well suited for the southern California climate, are wind and fire-resistant, and have a lifespan of 200 years.

Silk Tree

Silk trees aren’t all that tall, but they do provide dense shade. They grow fairly quickly and produce beautiful, silky flowers (hence the name) during the spring and summer.

Weeping Willow

Weeping willows are large trees that grow quickly (3 to 4 feet per year) and provide lots of shade. They do well in the full sun and prefer damp soils, making them an excellent choice to plant next to a pond or lake.

Fern Pine

Originally from Africa, the Fern pine has been grown in California for almost half a century. It’s a clean tree, with very little lead drop, pest and disease resistant, does well in a variety of soils and provides dense shade. The Fern pine’s only drawback is that it’s a slow grower.


Magnolias are best known for their spectacular fragrant white flowers. Their dense foliage is a great source of shade. Slow-growing, magnolias can reach heights of up to 80 feet.

Fruitless Mulberry

Looking for a quick-growing shade tree? A properly planted and cared-for fruitless mulberry can grow to 20 feet tall in only three years. Surface watering is acceptable, but for best results, deep watering is essential.

Why Hire a Los Angeles Tree Planting Professional?

You might think planting a shade tree in Los Angeles is a simple DIY project, but there’s a lot more to planting a tree than just digging a hole in the ground. What trees you plant and where can have a big impact on the value and appearance of your property.

It’s important to remember that trees are multi-year investments that can greatly increase your property values. Hiring a professional Los Angeles tree care specialist is the best way to protect your investment. They’ll be able to select plants and trees specifically for the climate and type of soil on your property and ensure they’ve been properly planted. You can be confident that in a few years, your property will be full of large, lush shade trees.

Gutierrez & Sons Landscaping: Los Angeles Tree Planting Experts

Los Angeles home and business owners have been trusting Gutierrez & Sons Landscaping for over 25 years when it comes to planting and removing trees. We provide expert advice to help you choose the perfect types of shade trees based on your location and professional planting services to ensure they grow tall and healthy.

Gutierrez & Sons Landscaping provides a wide range of Los Angeles tree services, including tree planting, tree removal, pruning and trimming, and palm tree skimming. Contact us through our website, or call us at (310) 324-6593 to get a quote or schedule a visit from a Los Angeles tree planting professional.