Residential Tree Service Company in Long Beach CA

You Deserve a Safe and Beautiful Property – a Residential Tree Service Company in Long Beach CA Can Help

Your home’s outdoor space adds to the unique charm of your property. It may even increase the value of your property if properly maintained! Unruly shrubs, trees that obstruct walkways, and other hazards should be taken care of right away with the help of a Residential Tree Service Company in Long Beach CA.

You can turn to Gutierrez & Sons for tree and shrub pruning and trimming services. You may be certain that we will handle your property with the same care and respect that we would our own. Today is the perfect time to learn more about how to improve the health of your trees and shrubs by contacting Gutierrez & Sons at (310) 324-6593.

Learn the Difference Between Pruning and Trimming

The goals of pruning and trimming are very different from one another. Tree and shrub trimming is focused on keeping the plant healthy by removing diseased branches and spurring growth. Trimming trees and shrubs, on the other hand, is mostly ornamental and intended to ease stress on the plant caused by excessive growth.

Learn the Advantages of Working with a Residential Tree Service Company in Long Beach CA

Some of the many benefits you will see beyond simply improving the look of your yard include:

  • Your trees and shrubs will be rid of their dead branches and extra weight.
  • Fences, pathways, and other structures will required clearance.
  • Your property will have a more appealing appearance.
  • There will be new plant growth.
  • Any unhealthy branches will be removed.

The structural integrity of trees and plants is improved.

Keep in mind too that if your trees and shrubs are not taken care of, you could end up with neighbor or city issues. You could end up financially responsible for any tree or branch that falls from your property to the property of another person or the city. This is why it’s important to work with a Residential Tree Service Company in Long Beach CA: we can help keep your landscape pruned and trimmed.

Work with a Residential Tree Service Company in Long Beach CA with a Proven Trimming and Pruning Track Record

Are you considering saving money by handling your own trimming and pruning? Why? Because trimming and pruning, when not done correctly, could actually hurt your plants. Additionally, it is not safe to do so.

When you need pruning and trimming services, it’s always best to call a professional. We are proud of our 25+ years of experience assisting property owners like you at Gutierrez & Sons. Trust us to help keep your landscape healthy and your property safe with our comprehensive trimming and pruning services.

You can count on us for quality next-day service that fits your schedule, professional inspections to identify the flaws in your elder trees, expert recommendations to promote the health of your trees and plants, and injury-free service.

You can trust our family-owned business to treat your home with the same degree of care that we would give our own. It is our greatest pleasure to create safe, beautiful spaces for families to enjoy for years.

Trust the Professional Arborists at Gutierrez & Sons

When you need professional tree and shrub trimming and pruning in Long Beach, call the experts at Gutierrez & Sons. You deserve the outdoor space you have been dreaming of. Contact us at (310) 324-6593 for a quote today.