Commercial Tree Service Company in Lomita CA

Protect Your Commercial Property with the Help of a Commercial Tree Service Company in Lomita CA

The curb appeal of your commercial property can make it unique, charming, and lovely. A property with a well-maintained exterior will sell for more money than one with a poorly-maintained exterior. However, if your shrubs and trees become unruly, or if trees begin to impede walkways, it’s important to address the issue and restore the beauty of your property with the assistance of a Commercial Tree Service Company in Lomita CA.

Trust a firm with considerable expertise cutting and trimming both trees and shrubs, such as Gutierrez & Sons. You may be certain that we will handle your property with the same care and respect that we would our own. There has never been a better moment to obtain what you want from your trees and plants.

The Difference Between Pruning and Trimming

The biggest difference between pruning and trimming trees and shrubs is the goal when doing so. Trimming trees and shrubs is done to maintain the plant health by eliminating damaged branches and encouraging new and continued growth. When you hire a commercial tree service company in Lomita CA for tree or shrub trimming, the goal is to make the trees and shrubs look better and to help relieve any stress caused by overgrowth.

Learn the Advantages of Working with a Commercial Tree Service Company in Lomita CA

Pruning and trimming your trees and shrubs does much more than simply improving the appearance of your commercial property. It also gives your plants various health benefits and makes your outside space more usable:

  • Weight is relieved by the removal of dead branches.
  • You’ll have more clearance over your pathways.
  • Your commercial property will be more attractive, and its value may increase.
  • Healthier plant growth.
  • Remove diseased branches.
  • Trees and bushes that are more robust.

Keeping your trees and shrubs trimmed can also help prevent trouble with the city and with your neighbors. If branches from one of your plants hangs onto your neighbor’s property or over a public space, you could be liable for damages if a branch falls. Keeping your landscape trimmed and pruned with the help of a commercial tree service company in Lomita CA can help prevent these issues.

You Have Found a Commercial Tree Service Company in Lomita CA with Proven Trimming and Pruning Services

Do you want to save money by doing your own pruning and trimming? Why? Because trimming and pruning, when not done correctly, could actually hurt your plants. Additionally, it is not safe to do so.

For these and other reasons, it is important to choose a commercial tree service company in Lomita CA. We have over 25 years of expertise helping Lomita CA property owners at Gutierrez & Sons. With our extensive trimming and pruning services, you can count on us to maintain your landscape healthy and your commercial property safe.

When you call on us, you’ll get premium service as soon as the next day, a comprehensive inspection of your older trees to determine any weaknesses they have, advice from our experts on how to improve or maintain the health of your trees and bushes, and a 100% guaranteed injury-free service from our staff.

We are a family-owned business that takes pleasure in treating our clients’ property with the same care that we would handle our own. We are proud of the safe and beautiful space we can complete for your family to enjoy for decades to come.

You Have Found the Arborists You Can Trust in Gutierrez & Sons

Now is a great time to contact a commercial tree service company in Lomita CA by calling Gutierrez & Sons at (310) 324-6593. You deserve the outdoor space you have been dreaming of. Contact us for a quote today.