Removing Dead and Dying Trees in Los AngelesTrees are hardy, long-lived organisms. There are trees in California that are thousands of years old. But trees aren’t immortal. They can die as a result of injury or disease. just like everything else.

It’s Important to Remove Dead or Dying Trees From Your Property

This can be a problem when the tree dies on your property. Dead and dying trees can cause all kinds of trouble. For one, a dead tree is a definite fire hazard. Serious injury and property damage can result if the branches begin to drop or the trunk topples over. Dead trees also provide a good home for all kinds of insects, rodents, snakes, and other pests. They don’t do much for the appearance of your property, either.

Dying trees, especially those dying as a result of a disease or infestation, need to be removed as well. The disease or infestation could easily spread to other trees on your property, which could be a disaster. There’s also little curb appeal to a yard full of sick and dying trees.

The Signs To Look For

A dead tree isn’t hard to identify, but what about a dying tree? Here are a few signs that a tree might need to be removed:

  • Discolored leaves, crumbling branches or bark, and odd growths could indicate a fungus infection.
  • Small boreholes in the trunk could be signs of insect infestation
  • The tree is starting to lean
  • The tree isn’t growing like it used to
  • Cracks and splits in the bark
  • The trunk is getting hollow
  • Defective root system

In Los Angeles, Tree Removal is a Job Best Left to Professionals

You may be tempted to try and remove the tree yourself, but tree removal is a job best left to trained arborists. Removing a tree without the proper training and equipment could potentially result in serious injury or even death, as well as thousands of dollars in property damage. This is a job you want to leave to a tree services professional. Experience is important: no trees are alike, so each job requires a unique, strategic approach to safely and efficiently remove the dead or dying tree.

An arborist will also be able to accurately assess the health of a sick tree. In some cases, the damage may not be that extensive and the sick tree can be restored to health with a little TLC.

Call Gutierrez & Sons Landscaping for Expert Los Angeles Tree Removal Services

Gutierrez & Sons Landscaping has over 25 years of experience providing Los Angeles area homeowners with the outstanding tree services they need to achieve and maintain the desired appearance of their property. In addition to safe and professional tree removal services, we also offer expert trimming and pruning services, palm tree trimming and skinning, tree planting services, and stump grinding services. Emergency tree services are available as well.

If you’ve been noticing dead or dying trees on your property, contact Gutierrez & Sons Landscaping using our website or call us at (310) 324-6593 to schedule a visit with a trained, licensed, and experienced tree care specialist. In most instances, a dead or dying tree can be safely removed in less than a day with little or no impact on the condition of your property.