Removing a Tree in Torrance, CA is a Job Best Left to ProfessionalsTrees are one of the most popular landscaping features in Torrance, CA. They require little maintenance and can grow for centuries. In most cases, trees add beauty and value to a property.

However, when a tree becomes damaged, gets sick, or dies it needs to be removed as soon as possible. Dead, damaged, or diseased trees have the potential to cause massive property damage as well as inflict serious personal injury. The best way to safely remove a tree is to hire a tree removal professional to do the job.

Reasons For Tree Removal in Torrance, CA

There can be many reasons why a tree may need to be removed:

  • The tree is dead.
  • The tree is sick.
  • The tree was severely damaged by high winds, lightning, or other adverse weather
  • The tree is growing too close to a home, utility line, or other structure
  • The tree is starting to lean
  • The tree is creating too much shade for your grass and other plants to grow
  • There are cracks or splits in the trunk
  • The tree has structural problems
  • The tree is infested with insects and other pests
  • The tree is in the way of needed construction
  • Overcrowding – you have too many trees in your yard

Tree Removal is a Job Best Left to Professionals

There’s more to removing a tree than just whacking at it with an axe. Tree removal is a job best left to a professional tree expert. Removing a tree is potentially dangerous work that shouldn’t be attempted by anyone without training and experience.

Here are a few reasons why you need a professional tree removal service:

  • Less risk of property damage
  • Personal safety
  • Proper disposal/recycling of all tree waste
  • Less expensive than DIY, since you don’t have to purchase or rent tree removal equipment
  • Hassle-free tree removal
  • Insured workers and equipment

Tree Stump Grinding and Stump Removal in Torrance, CA

Once the tree is gone, you’ll probably want to remove the stump as well. Dead tree stumps don’t present the same kind of problems that dead trees do, but removing them will improve the appearance of your property and provide extra usable outdoor space.

There are two main ways to get rid of a tree stump: tree stump grinding and tree stump removal. Tree stump removal involves pulling the entire stump and root system out of the ground using a powerful machine. Tree stump grinding uses a powerful grinding tool to reduce the stump to wood chips.

Professional Tree Service Experts in Torrance, CA

The Torrance, CA tree removal professionals at Gutierrez & Sons Landscaping have been providing outstanding tree services to home and business owners in Torrance, CA for more than 25 years. We can safely remove a dead and dying tree, grind up or remove the stump, and replace it with a new, properly planted one. Need a tree removed right away? No problem. Gutierrez & Sons Landscaping provides expert emergency tree removal services to protect your property and family.

You can contact Gutierrez & Sons Landscaping through our website or call us at (310) 324-6593 to learn more about our Torrance, CA tree and landscaping services or get a quote.