Professional Sod Installation: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Get a Beautiful Lawn in Los AngelesSod, also known as turf or turf grass, is one of the fastest and easiest ways to surround your home or property with a beautiful lawn. Lawn sod is a section of soil with grass growing in it. It’s often harvested in rolls called “rugs” for easy installation. In Los Angeles, sod is a popular choice for landscaping lawns, golf courses, and sports stadiums.

Advantages of Installing a Sod Lawn

There are two ways to grow a lawn: planting grass seed or installing sod. Installing sod provides many benefits over planting grass seed. One is speed. Sod is an ideal way to quickly establish a lawn. Installation usually only takes a few hours to complete. And sod can be installed at any time of the year, provided the ground isn’t too wet or frozen.

Sod is great at preventing soil erosion. It can control the velocity and direction of storm runoff and improve drainage. Grass seed can be washed away during heavy rain, along with a lot of the soil it was planted in.

Grass seeds can also dry out, get blown away by the wind, get eaten by birds and other animals, or simply fail to germinate. With sod, the grass is already established. While sod needs to be cared for, it requires much less attention than grass seed in order to remain healthy.

Preparation: The Most Important Part of the Lawn and Sod Installation Process

Preparation is the first and most important phase of the sod installation process. Preparation includes:

  • Removing and clearing unwanted brush, grass, and weeds
  • Grading the soil to make it more smooth and level.
  • Amending the soil to improve water retention, soil permeability, etc., if necessary.
  • Setting up a lawn sprinkler and irrigation system

Installing Your New Lawn

In most cases, it only takes a few hours to lay down the rugs of sod. To ensure the best results, the newly laid sod should be watered within 30 minutes of installation.

Popular types of sod grass in Los Angeles include Fescue, Bermuda, Bluegrass, and St Augustine grasses.

Your new lawn will require special care for the first few weeks. It needs to be watered regularly, but not overwatered. And foot traffic needs to be kept to a minimum. After the third week, your lawn should be ready for normal use. You should wait until the sixth week to fertilize.

Professional Sod and Lawn Installation in Los Angeles

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