Los Angeles Lawn Care: Choose the Right Grass Type for Your LawnLawns are a popular landscaping feature in yards all over Los Angeles. A well-maintained lawn boosts the curb appeal of a property, increasing its value. In addition, the ground cover provided by a lawn helps to control water runoff, protect the soil from erosion, and keep the soil cool during hot weather.

The biggest decision homeowners have to make when having a new lawn installed in LA is deciding what type of grass to plant. You’ll want to select a grass that fits with your landscaping theme, but one that doesn’t require a whole lot of work and does well in LA’s hot, dry climate. Fortunately, there are many types of grass to choose from.


Bermuda Grass is a popular choice for LA lawns. Bermuda grass grows quickly and aggressively (which helps make it weed-resistant), is drought resistant, and does well in warm temperatures. Its high tolerance for foot traffic is another appeal. While bermudagrass can grow just about anywhere, it doesn’t do well in shaded areas. It is also more susceptible to disease than other kinds of grasses and turns brown when stressed.

St. Augustine

Another popular choice. While St. Augustinegrass isn’t as traffic tolerant as bermudagrass, it grows well in the sun and partial shade. It also does better in a warm climate than in a cooler one, being prone to injury from the cold. Its dense growth helps to control weeds and creates a full-looking healthy lawn.

California Buffalo

Buffalograss is a soft grass that grows well in both the sun and the shade. It has a high tolerance for heat and drought conditions. Buffalograss only grows to a short height so it doesn’t require a lot of mowing and unlike a lot of other grasses, buffalograss is able to reseed itself. The main drawback to buffalo grass is its low tolerance for pressure and foot traffic.


Originally from Southeast Asia, zoysiagrass is not only heat and drought-tolerant but also does well in salty, coastal environments. It can handle both sun and shade, is low maintenance, and holds up under foot traffic. However, zoysiagrass grows slowly and doesn’t like cold weather.


Fescue grasses are highly tolerant to cold, heat, drought, and wear. It does well in a wide range of soils and doesn’t require frequent mowing.

Other Popular Los Angeles Lawn Grasses

Other popular Los Angeles lawn grasses include kurpia, ryegrass, bentgrass sedgegrass and dunegrass.

Professional Sod & Lawn Installation Services in Los Angeles

Having a new lawn installed is a major investment. You want to ensure you get the best results. Gutierrez & Sons Tree Service and Landscaping have been providing professional sod & lawn installation services to property owners throughout the Los Angeles area for more than 40 years. We have the experience and knowledge to help you select just the right grass type for your property and plant it so it grows healthy, green, and lush. Let us transform your property into the envy of the neighborhood.

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