Dog-Friendly Landscaping in Los AngelesA lot of LA homeowners are also dog owners. A fenced-in backyard makes a great place for the family dog to play and get some exercise. At Gutierrez & Sons Landscaping, we get a lot of questions from customers about making the landscaping around their homes more pet friendly.

Good news – it’s easy to create a beautiful landscape that improves the appearance and value of your home while at the same providing a safe, fun space for your home’s four-legged residents. Here are some of our dog-friendly landscaping recommendations:

Include Some Shade

You need to have a least one place in your yard where your pets can find shade from the hot California sun. You can create shade by planting trees and shrubs, installing an awning or other cover, or building a dog house. There should also be a source of drinking water available as well.

Make It Easy To Clean Up

Pets make messes. It’s important to take this into account when designing a pet-friendly yard because some of these messes can be hard on your grass. Instead of grass, consider alternatives such as artificial turfs, pea gravel, and wood-based mulches (cedar chips help repel fleas). Just remember to avoid mulches that may contain cocoa bean shells and coconut – these materials can have harmful effects on your pets if ingested. Pet-proof ground cover can include Irish moss, silver carpet, labrador violet, and creeping thyme.

Plant Pet-Friendly Vegetation

Pet-friendly vegetation is another important consideration. There are a number of common plants that can make your pets ill. These include sago palms, aloe, oleanders, and azaleas. There are an equal number of safe plants. These include button ferns, sunflowers, rosemary, bamboo palms, and African violets.

The ASPCA has a long list of plants that are safe and unsafe for your pets. You can read the list here.

Install Pathways

Dogs are territorial by nature. Dog paths make it easy for your pet to patrol their territory without inflicting a lot of damage to your yard.

Install A Doggy Window

Installing a doggy window in a fence provides your pets with a safe way to take in the environment outside your yard.

Create A Sandbox

If your pet likes to dig, you can indulge them by installing a sandbox in your yard. Hopefully, they’ll get in the habit of digging in the sandbox and not your flower beds or gardens.

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